Local SEO Company

When it comes to search engine optimization, Google commands most of the discussion. And rightfully so. With over 74% of the entire search market share, Google is and should be your focus when it comes to local SEO.

To achieve a higher ranking within search engines such as Google, you need to have a digital strategy that encompasses numerous facets.

One such facet is your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You may think you have a good handle on the overall aspects of SEO, but have you taken into consideration local SEO?
That’s right, there’s a difference. If you didn’t know this, don’t worry, we’re here to help. In order to market your business, or your products in a competitive way, local SEO might provide the edge you’re looking for. And if you type in your business’s primary keywords, we bet your competitors are already on top of it.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it can be found in an organic search query as long as the intent of the user is to find local information that matches the content on your website.

These searches will typically include a geographical indicator such as a city or zip code along with the business or product they’re looking for. An example of this search query is “hotels near Saratoga Springs Race Tack”, the search engine would then display websites with content that matches this query.

A consumer can do a search query without a geo-qualifier if they have the location function enabled on their device. This search query would look similar to “car repair shop near me”. Including “near me” helps the search engine determine that you are looking for something that is local to you, as opposed to something irrelevant.

Local SEO Strategies

As our world continues to grow and reach new advanced technological levels, consumers are using local search every day to easily find the best business near them, or a service in their area that will fit their needs. To increase your chances of being found by consumers, local SEO will need to be incorporated into your digital strategy.

Local SEO strategies include making sure your website ranks on search engines like Google and Bing, in addition to business listings such as Google My Business (GMB), Bing Places for Business, Yelp, as well as Foursquare. Having a presence on these pages in addition to localized content on your website and online reviews are all cogs in the effective digital marketing strategy. Many of these opportunities are free for businesses to use.

You, or someone on your team, can easily create a Google My Business account or Yelp account and maintain your overall presence. This includes ensuring your hours of operation are up to date, your address is correct – especially if you’ve ever moved your business, and ensuring your business phone number is accurate.

Attracting Customers with a Local SEO Strategy

It’s fairly common that when a consumer is beginning their search query, they don’t have an exact business name in mind, it is more likely that they have the desired product or necessary service in mind. By implementing local SEO tactics, the likelihood of your business or products being found drastically increases. The likelihood that someone is finding information about your business in the newspaper is drastically decreasing.

Consumers are depending on the internet in order to find information about businesses as well as their products and services. If your business is not being found in a local SEO result, it is highly likely that you are missing out on potential consumers. Incorporating a local SEO strategy with your company’s overall marketing strategy will give your digital presence the boost it needs.