Electronic Brochures from Salterra

Give your organization an edge in the competitors and charm your consumers with an environment-friendly, professionally developed electronic brochure. An e-catalog melds with your site to provide a smooth technological experience that consumers appreciate in this digital age. It is also quickly edited, so any stock modifications are represented immediately.

Our designers can deal with you to create a gorgeous masterpiece that will appeal to your consumers and provide you a new edge over the competition. Keep reading to find out more!

Benefits of an Electronic Brochure

It delivers information on your stock to customers and helps transform interest to sales. They can assist appeal to clients in a new way and reduce your overhead expenses.


The environment is a huge concern among customers, and anything a business can do to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint is motivated. E-catalogs are very environment-friendly. No trees are chopped down and no printing is needed, and they never head out of date, resulting in minimized waste.

Less overhead

Offering an e-catalog also gives your customers a chance to spread out info about your company and products quickly, rather than having to haul around a large paper brochure. Increased consumer sharing equates to an increased market presence at no expense to you.

Keeping up with the times

Social Media, Websites, and Digital Details are essential incentives for a consumer to choose a business. An e-catalog can help draw in these technological buyers, address any concerns about your item, connect them to additional information, and convert interest to sales in one stop.

Who is Salterra?

Here at Salterra, we understand the value of combining into the digital age. Our team consists of well-informed specialists with experiences in structure web branding from the ground up. From churches to business, our services have actually assisted a number of companies and brand names to increase their web existence and draw in new company. Now, we wish to help broaden your business, too. Give us a call today; it’s time to make your mark on the internet.

Printing Products

Selecting the Right Material for Your Printing

Exactly what you print on matters. Your consumers will judge the quality of your physical advertisements, and you want to get the very best return for your financial investment. The sheer amount of materials readily available may seem frustrating, but choosing the best design for your jobs can be easy if you understand the advantages for each.
Here at Salterra, we wish to assist you to interest your target audience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most popular materials to assist you to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Coated vs. Uncoated

Covered papers usually have a semigloss or gloss appearance, whereas uncoated paper is matte. Semi-gloss and Gloss aid highlight the vibrancy in your colors, but they can also reveal marks and areas if exposed to moisture or damp environments. If you desire a softer appearance, then matte is the method to go. Increasing in popularity are pearlescent and metallic stock, particularly for business cards. They include an elegant shine that draws the eye.


Documents been available in a range of textures from smooth bond and slick gloss to textured company linen and resume media. Textured linens use a professional quality to letterheads and business cards, while slick gloss can draw out the vibrancy of your colors and fold well for catalogs and pamphlets.


While white and ivory are the traditional standards, your business does not need to accept this limitation. Pearlescent silvers work well for official event services, whereas gold or blue company linen can accent law companies.


Weight measures the thickness of your paper. If you want something that folds well without breaking around the creases, you will need a lighter weight; if you desire something that will hold up in the mail and your consumers household, you want something much heavier. The weight of the paper is revealed in points or pounds. Standard copy paper ranges from 20-24lb.; pamphlets tend to lean more to 80-100 pound. Business cards work best on 12 to 14 pt. stock, so they hold up well being taken in and out of wallets.

Unique Materials

Business card magnets have actually taken the marketing world by storm, providing your consumers an easy and noticeable way to keep your information. Advertising products provide a practical product that your customer is more likely to keep and use, constantly advised of your branding. QR codes on laminated sheets are a durable method to offer your consumer access to your website without having to spread out printed products.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Products

If you prepare on putting an advertisement outside, then you require a material you know can hold up against the elements. Outdoor banners work best on Opaque Scrim or Mesh Vinyl, thick and textured materials that can withstand difficult winds and rain; backyard signs need to be on corrugated board so that water falls directly through.


Ending up includes anything from binding materials to lamination. If your products require to allow your customer to include and get rid of pages, then you desire comb binding as the spinal columns can be unrolled to adjust material. Consider lamination to protect products you need to recycle frequently; you can also mark on lamination with dry or damp remove markers and later clean them with ease.

Printing with Salterra

We are dedicated to assisting your company in impressing your customers. Our skilled style specialists can assist you to create spectacular products, and our knowledgeable staff can guarantee that you pick the very best printing media. Give us a call today to discuss your job!