Case Study Med Spa in Texas.

Salterra Web Services


  • Multiple Websites for different services.
  • No Focus of the main website
  • No rankings except for branded terms
  • No traffic analytics
  • Technical issues throughout the main website

Services Performed:

  • Complete Rebuild of Website
  • Combine all sub websites into one
  • Redirect all indexed pages
  • Fix all technical mistakes

SEO Audit

SEO Audit is imperative to find and fix technical issues that might be hurting your website’s online performance. We do this first thing.

After collaborating with your business, we make time to analyze and understand your current SEO strategies. We start with an SEO audit that helps us uncover on-site issues and plan campaigns that can drive the best results. We check the on-site elements of your website along with the website design and speed to enhance your SEO performance and user experience.

Competitor Audit

The Competitor audit will include:

  1. Identify the top 5 competitors for the top 10 keywords
  2. Back link analysis of the top 3 categories for the top 3 keywords
  3. Ranking reports for your competitors
  4. Website reports comparing your site to the top 5 sites

Backlink Audit:

  • Pulling backlinks from numerous sources, including Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and more
  • Analyzing your backlinks based on factors like age, IP, and authority
  • Analyzing backlinks based on their kinds, such as blog, comment boxes, social networks, forums, and content links
  • Manual verification of backlinks that measures their relevance
  • Reaching out to external website owners in pursuit of needed changes
  • Reporting backlinks based on numerous recommendations and factors

The right audit is going to be as comprehensive as it is effective, giving you detailed analysis of your current backlinks, so that both problems and opportunities are detected. This all should add up to you replacing the bad by taking advantage of the good.

Results after implementation:

  • Traffic increased 133+%
  • New Users increased 130+%
  • Bounce Rate improved 84%
  • Average Page Views increased 270+%

  • Organic Traffic increased 133+%
  • Organic Bounce Rate improved by 93%
  • Pages per session increased 66%
  • Ranking for all service keywords instead of branded

Rankings Report


I contacted another company and they made big promises but then never did anything. From the beginning the guys at Infinity set me up with my own reporting so I could go in and see what was going on. They communicated well and have been fantastic.
John A., PMC
Terry and Justin are professionals.
Michael J., Avalore Group
I was skeptical at first of not using a local company, but after several conversations and seeing the results, I’m Sold!
Robert M., W T R Inc.
Great to know that integrity is not just a word thrown around. They walk the talk.
Morris R., SF Co.